Three for free from Hulu

Three for free from Hulu
Three for free from Hulu
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I took advantage of Xfinity’s free peak at Hulu, so here’s my opinion on 3 of their most popular series:


RAMY (review)

The comparisons of this show to Donald Glover’s Atlanta are inevitable. Both feature a smart creator at the center of the story and both examine a variety of people and situations surrounding their lifestyle. In this case, Ramy Youssef plays a version of himself, trying to reconcile his Muslim faith with his American upbringing. While it starts with his journey, coping with dating, work and social life, several episodes focus on other members of his family. This adds to the depth and complexity of his narrative. Youssef creates a sweet, appealing character, but it’s the supporting roles that offer the comedy. His two Egypytian sidekicks comment on his every decision thru their skeptical Americanized lens and his wheelchair-bound friend is atypically cynical and sassy. Cultural commentary in an intelligent and engaging package. (Ten 30-minute episodes on Hulu)

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)



Fans of SNL will recognize Aidy Bryant (who’s been on the show since 2012) in her very autobiographical series. She plays a journalist who’s coming to grips with her fat girl shame, while discovering self-confidence. Even though Bryant comes from a comedy background, this is mostly a drama. There are a few comic moments, especially from John Cameron Mitchell, as her very bitchy boss. Her struggles with accepting her size dominate the narrative and that can get tiresome, but Bryant’s lighthearted charm keeps the series from being too “heavy.” (Fourteen 30-minute episodes over 2 seasons on Hulu)

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)



This series is based on the novel and 2000 movie about a record store owner who’s obsessed with music and upset about her recent breakup. Yes, “her.” The big difference here is that a woman (Zoë Kravitz) plays the central role. Since she dominates almost every frame, it’s vital that she creates a character worth watching. I never found her particularly remarkable and could only make it thru 3 episodes. Da’Vine Joy Randolph (following up on her exceptional performance in My Name is Dolomite) makes a welcome sassy sidekick. Fans of the movie will find plenty of references. (Ten 30-minute episodes on Hulu)

2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

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