TIME (review)

TIME (review)
TIME (review)
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In the early 90s, Fox Rich and her husband robbed a credit union. She got out of jail after a few years, while he was sentenced for 60 years. This documentary is primarily a profile of Fox and her resilience, determination and love while raising 6 sons and struggling for her husband’s release. With the exception of her sons, almost nobody else is interviewed or featured. Luckily for the director, Fox shot her own video that helped chronicle her fight and her family. The filmmaker shot additional footage that expands her process. While the camera lingers on Fox’s face for much of the film, we seldom get much insight into her feelings (she only cries once). Also, much of the chronology and details of the circumstances are omitted, making it hard to follow. Despite the heart-breaking situation of this woman and her family, the film feels objective and never achieves a strong emotional effect that the story should engender.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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