Topdog / Underdog (review)

Topdog / Underdog (review)
Topdog / Underdog (review)
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THE PLAY: Two brothers share a rundown apartment, a challenging past and conflicting views of the future.


THE PRODUCTION: This duo creates a robust yin/yang dynamic, one always pushing, while the other quietly accepts. As the younger, Jamar Jones goes full stop from beginning to end (with some brief insights into vunerability). Jeremy V. Morris masters the older role with a quiet intensity and a welcome comic flair. Their dynamic creates compelling characters. Director Katrinah Carol Lewis has kept the staging nimble, while effectively bolstering the conflicting undertones. Even so, she couldn’t create a dramatic dynamic that could overcome the play’s extended dialogue. The basic themes could have been resolved in one act, but each encounter drags on longer than necessary, especially in the second act. David Melton’s one-room set works well, while the surroundings add an urban impression. Running time: 2:45


THE POINT: This production effectively presents two strong actors in some absorbing interactions, but the play’s length dilutes its emotional potential.



4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


At TheatreLAB thru 6/9




Jamar Jones and Jeremy V. Morris (Photos by Tom Topinka)


  1. I wasn’t sure I was prepared to sit through such a long play after reading this review but I am so glad I did. The writing, acting (were they acting? I was convinced this was their story), and choreography were so strong, the time flew by. I may have to see it again!

    • Thank you, Elizabeth! We’re so glad you enjoyed it – would love to have you back anytime!
      -Deejay Gray; TheatreLAB Artistic Director

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