Toy Story 4 (review)

Toy Story 4 (review)
Toy Story 4 (review)
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Although the Toy Story films are full of adventure and comedy, the series always includes a focus on serious, emotional moments. This one includes more drama with a continuous message about the importance of friendship and loyalty. The usual gang is back, although most of the funny supporting characters get scant attention. This one revolves around Woody, Bo and a new toy (a spork voiced by Tony Hale) as they go on an adventure to comfort their new kid/owner. The animation is gorgeous, as expected, and there are some new characters that add some fun. Overall, it’s lively, well-paced and enjoyable. Not as unique or special as the first 3, but still higher entertainment value than many animated family films.


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


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