Tusk (review)

Tusk (review)
Tusk (review)
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While watching this movie, I couldn’t figure it out: starts as a creepy thriller (with nods to “Human Centipede), tosses in campy elements and features several extremely verbose rants (featuring an uncredited Johnny Depp in heavy disguise…again).  Then I discovered it was written/directed by Kevin Smith, which explains a lot. Justin Long plays a podcaster who travels to Manitoba and discovers a man with eloquent stories, only to find himself captive and turned into a walrus. This bizarre curiosity offers some fun, but lots of head-scratching. Ultimately, it’s too self-indulgently talky and downright silly. NOTE: Stay thru the credits to hear Smith in the actual podcast that served as the inspiration AND to see Depp in one final gag.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


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