Upload (review)

Upload (review)
Upload (review)
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After an app developer (Robbie Amell) almost dies, he’s uploaded into a virtual afterlife. Much of the early enjoyment in this series is seeing the cool future features, especially when he gets to the special resort where things can be adjusted with a swipe of the hand. Since it’s created and written by Greg Daniels (best known for his work on The Office and Parks and Recreation), the series is billed as a comedy. However, it starts to lose the humorous aspects as his relationship with his still-alive customer service rep (Andy Allo) starts to blossom. Sure, their story is sweet, but it’s ever-growing focus takes away from the show’s comic momentum (plus a whodunit aspect adds a mystery angle). The episodes move with a brisk pace and the cast is amiable, but the sci-fi fun is often diluted by the developing romance. It also ends with an obvious 2nd season cliffhanger. (Ten 30-minute episodes on Amazon Prime Video.) 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


Since the famed South by Southwest Festival was cancelled this year, they’ve shared some of the films from this year’s event on Amazon Prime Video. It’s a collection of 35 movies, mostly shorts and each one features an intro from the filmmakers (usually in their homes, since they were recorded during the pandemic.) They were available for a limited time thru May 6. Read more here

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