Urinetown (review)

Urinetown (review)
Urinetown (review)
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THE PLAY: The world’s ecology has been devastated and people must pay to use the bathrooms, which are controlled by an evil corporation.


THE PRODUCTION: This is the 4th time I’ve seen this show (Broadway & 2 locals) and this is the 1st time I’ve actually enjoyed it…immensely. I can’t remember when I’ve laughed this much. This cast boasts many of our community’s top talents at the top of their skills with shamelessly over-the-top performances and perfectly precise comic inventiveness. While everyone is wonderful, Bianca Bryan’s malevolent narrator, Matt Shofner’s underplayed hero and Kelsey Cordrey’s sweetly hilarious Little Sally grab extra attention. The singing is great (under the leadership of Jason Marks), while music director Travis West guides his tight band perfectly (he and several other band members are also in the cast). “Don’t Be the Bunny” was the show’s hilarious highlight (framed with Allison Paige Gilman’s delightfully desperate reactions). After Matt Polson’s skills with TUCK EVERLASTING (my review), it’s obvious that he’s a major new directorial force in town. His twisted interpretation of an already twisted play and assured guidance of the cast’s gag-a-minute riotous reactions keeps the comedy constant. The crazy fun choreography by Nicole Morris-Anastasi amps up the hilarity. Joey Luck’s sound design was usually top notch, but I did miss some of the lyrics. The set by Connor Potter was serviceable, while Michael Jarett’s lights don’t draw attention to themselves, but perfectly bolster the action. Ruth Hedberg’s ragged costumes work well. Running time: 2:20


THE POINT: The wonderfully ferocious performances and wildly inventive staging make this outrageously outlandish show one of the finest and funniest of the season.


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


At TheatreLAB thru 12/28



Photos by Tom Topinka

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