The Vast of Night (review)

The Vast of Night (review)
The Vast of Night (review)
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This is one of those films that’s garnering great reviews from many critics (myself NOT included), but the general pop doesn’t get it. It’s set (literally and stylistically) in the 50s, when a young switchboard operator (Sierra McCormick) and radio DJ (Jake Horowitz) discover a strange sound coming from several places. They set out to discover the mysterious presence that’s looming over their small town. While I can appreciate the director’s period approach peppered with subtle modern techniques, it seems there’s more interest in the style of the storytelling than in creating a compelling experience. Some scenes drag on FOREVER and two of the biggest “reveals” are conveyed in tedious scenes (one on the phone and the other in a long static shot). The final outcome is mildly cool, but not worth the tedium to get there. 1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)


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