Venom (review)

Venom (review)
Venom (review)
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This latest from Marvel features a rather enigmatic title character. Although he posses extreme powers, he’s not exactly a superhero. Actually, he starts as a villain…an aggressive goo from outer space that absorbs into a human’s body. As the trite plot continues, he becomes an ally with his final host (Tom Hardy). Hardy’s an extremely talented actor, but the attempts at befuddled comedy aren’t that strong (It’s directed by Ruben Fleisher, best known for the very clever “Zombieland.”) Instead of playing the hapless hero, he should probably stick to his more established brooding types. The action is the typically noisy, messy junk that populates this pix. The effects are decent, but nothing special. One of Marvel’s misfires. NOTE: Stay thru the credits for an extended chase sequence from the upcoming animated Spiderman (which looked more promising than much of “Venom”).


2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)


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