We can say we knew them when

We can say we knew them when
We can say we knew them when
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They’re young. They’re talented. And they’re ready to become the next Warhol, Pollack, Kahlo or O’Keeffe. They are VCU art students and they are, potentially, almost famous. But before we have to share them with the world, we can see their work right here at Reynolds Gallery.


Ten innovative artists from VCU’s crafts, painting and sculpture programs contributed recent works to “Almost Famous. Their inspiration came from subjects ranging from teddy bears to Kurt Cobain. Their materials range just as widely, including everything from tulle, sugar and rabbit fur to cast aluminum, dog tags, glass and paper mache.


“The show demonstrates the artists’ youthful audacity to push ideas and definitions of art,” says gallery director Bev Reynolds. “It’s a tremendous opportunity to see artists on the cusp of their careers.” The show runs through 7/19.


Painting: “Sentimentality’s Spectrum” by Veronika Pausova.

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