Week of December 21, 2015

Week of December 21, 2015
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By now, you’ve probably enjoyed the RVA Star Wars battle that was created by Mad Box and friends. According to Matt West (editor/creative director/owner), it started with a paper airplane tracking through some drone footage shot by Gordon Whiteway and Trey Trumble. Since the boys at Mad Box are life-long Star Wars nerds (they used the word “fans”), they credit the original 3 movies with the inspiration for getting into the biz.


Tech details:

Cinema 4D (modeling and animation)

PFTrack (tracking the camera movement)

After Effects (compositing the animated models, lasers, smoke & explosions)

Resolve (color grading)

Andrew Uvarov (Red Amp Audio) did sound design, including the Wilhem scream.


When I asked Matt about the copyright issues, he replied, “We weren’t worried about it, then this video took off more than we expected. Hopefully they won’t notice :)”


Plenty of people around here certainly did! The creators feel like their hit their goals of learning some new skills, having fun and expressing RVA’s excitement for the new movie. Judging from the viral “explosion” (pun intended) of the video, they scored big time!

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