Week of June 27, 2016

Week of June 27, 2016
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The next meeting of the Virginia Production Alliance will feature a panel: Directors of Photography Doug Bischoff & Bill Ku, as well as studio owners Jake Pulliam and Amanda Ricks. They’ll be taking questions from the audience about any aspect of their biz. 6/28, 6:30, WCVE Community Idea Stations.


Speaking of, the VPA has announced their new Executive Board Officers and Members;

President: Heather Waters

Vice President: Lisa Giles

Secretary: David Sanderlin

Treasurer: Brenda Moore

Legislative Chair: Terry Stroud.

The executive board members: Bill Armstrong, Tiffany Armstrong, Gwynne Brown, Donald “Spec” Campen, Jr., Scott Carter, Kahil Dotay, Trip Payne and Richard Travis.

Staff members: Peg Crowder (Membership Development Director) and Sam Morgan (Administrative Coordinator).


The Advanced Media Production and Technology (AMPT) program at VCU is a 2-semester certificate graduate level program in electronic media that begins this Fall. It’s driven by a creative perspective, but features a strong technical focus including industry practices and standards. Individual classes in audio, digital cinema, editorial and story/project development begin in August as one-night-a-week classes, 7 – 9:40pm at In Your Studios. If you have employees, or know others, including yourself, who could benefit from taking or perhaps teaching the classes, contact Carlos Chafin. Send an email


VCU is hiring a Media Specialist to lead the video production component of their digital learning initiative. Click here for details.


Arvold is casting the roles for PERMANENT, a feature film written and directed by Colette Burson starring Patricia Arquette and Rainn Wilson. Click here for details


Anne Chapman is casting a VCUarts Cinema35mm short student film, The Good Soldier, to be shot 7/6-8 (including nite shoots), paid. Need Caucasian males 20s, Caucasian females 48-55, male (any ethnicity) 30s, 2 Middle Eastern children 8-12, Middle Eastern man, 70s. Auditions 6/28. Send an email with H/R.

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