Carol Piersol’s latest project (video 1:53)

Carol Piersol’s latest project (video 1:53)
Carol Piersol’s latest project (video 1:53)
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Carol Piersol brings her years of producing to “Gidion’s Knot,” which plays 5/30 – 6/15 at HATT Theatre. Director Keri Wormald, who calls it “a parent-teacher conference gone wrong,” had her theater students at Thomas Dale HS create the projects that line the “classroom” set.


I visited a final rehearsal to talk with Carol about this and her future ventures. Tickets and more information


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A talkback will follow the 5/31 performance with a panel of Mary Mumford Elementary School teachers.


  1. I will try to see this play on Sunday!

  2. This was a powerful script, excellently staged, directed and acted. We attended one of the last nights of the performance and the house was packed with additional seats due to demand. Carol sat at the entrance taking tickets and we talked briefly afterwards with the actors. The show was emotionally exhausting, but the audience seemed in worse shape than the actors, seasoned pros that they are. Thanks for assuring that we knew of this production in the remote and modest Hatt Theatre.

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