White Cross: Electile Dysfunction (Review)

White Cross: Electile Dysfunction (Review)
White Cross: Electile Dysfunction (Review)
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Local thrash/hardcore band White Cross has garnered a legendary status over the years as one of Richmond’s premier punk bands. Starting way back in ’81, the band managed to release several records and open for many of the famous touring punk groups of that era. This new cd release features some new band members, bassist Greta Brinkman (from Unseen Force) and guitarist Tommy Rodriguez, while keeping singer “Crispy” Kranmer and drummer Rob Mosby. The name of the new album, “Electile Dysfunction”, recycles the tag line from a 2008 GWAR tour, but it does convey the political cynicism inherent in the music.


White Cross’ sound has been previously described as a perfect mixture of Midwest and NYC hardcore punk. Rocketing in with 10 songs at an overall 30 minutes, this recording lives up to that account. Standouts with good shout-along-potential are “DSIC” (“Didn’t see it coming!’),“Fed Up”, and “Dumbing”.  Thankfully, the vocals and guitars are pretty forward in the mix and sound robust. While some of the tracks and lyrics risk being very dated and ‘paint-by-numbers’ generic (“Government Cheese”), the energy and enthusiasm that White Cross puts into this quarter of a century-old style of music is impressive and invigorating.


This CD is self-published, Send an email if interested in a copy.

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