Who is TVJerry?

ANSWER 1: Jerry Williams (aka TVJerry) created video for corporate, government & a slew of other clients locally and around the country (client list). I was self-employed since 1989 and retired in 2019 after completing his Dirtwoman documentary, which played 7 festivals around the world, 4 weeks theatrical run in Richmond and is now streaming/DVD.

ANSWER 2: Reviewed cinema/theater as “The Man in the Dark”‘
• WTVR-TV6 (15 years)  Click here for a quick look back
• cinema only for Style Weekly (10 years)
• cinema on TVJerry.com since 1998
• added theatre reviews on SIFTER in 2013 plus video features Click here to visit my YouTube channel


ANSWER 3: In 1998, I launched “Tales from the Grips” a weekly update featuring news and dirt of RVA’s production community. In 2016, I retired “Tales” because social media and other options were making it less necessary.


ANSWER 4: Here’s ancient history (aka Resume).

Video Training Director HEILIG-MEYERS FURNITURE (1972-1979)
Produced training/communication to chain of 70 retail stores. (More than 400 programs in all).


Media Specialist RICHMOND PUBLIC SCHOOLS (1979 to 1988)
Wrote/directed/produced for the system’s closed-circuit network, including educational and PR, news shows, PSAs for radio and TV.