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Everybody asks me the same thing, after 15 years of TALES FROM THE GRIPS why the change?


It just evolved.


First, I decided to review theater again (which I did for WTVR for 15 years). Then, friends got involved and pretty soon, I had an impressive list of contributors, all grateful for a place to voice their opinions (read more about them under “Who-What-When” in the pink bar up top).


In addition to them, I want to thank:


  • My longtime pal Lorna Wyckoff, who first hired me to write film reviews for “Style” when it was still monthly. She’s freely given me her astute advice, which I sometimes ignored.
  • Laura O’Keefe, who has worked well beyond the specs to design and program this site.
  • Travis Turner, who created the cool animation that opens every video.
  • Jill Melichar for suggesting the date.
  • Mark for putting up with all of it.
  • Numerous friends, who have listened to me hype, gripe and snipe.

So, here’s SIFTER! Come back every Monday or when u need a hit. Sign up for weekly and instant emails to keep u thoroughly sifted. And, don’t hesitate to give me YOUR reviews and suggestions.



  1. Looks good Jerry

  2. The new site is great and I can’t wait to visit it every week!

  3. Very nice upgrade, Jerry. I’m sure I’ll be one of your many NY fans.

  4. Great to have one location for all the arts info.
    Go Jerry!

  5. Just grand!

  6. Looks good Jerry, I hope all is well with you!

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