The Wild Party (Review)

The Wild Party (Review)
The Wild Party (Review)
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THE PLAY: This is basically an opera based on a ’20s poem about a show biz couple with relationship issues. Most of the show takes place at the titular party, where things fall apart for the lovers.


THE PRODUCTION: This mostly-sung production has a complex and challenging score and the leading quartet (Grey Garrett, Terence Sllivan, Joy Marie Newsome, Josh Marin) sings their asses off! With the complexity of the lyrics and sometimes unclear ensemble sound, it’s hard to tell what’s going on. The solos fare better with Carolyn Meade’s a standout (outside the quartet, who all have magnificent moments). This show plays at a high pitch and director Jase Smith sometimes orchestrates it with skill. With all the energy onstage there’s still some confusion and lack of focus, but the highlights are up there. The band under Ben Miller’s direction is strong. The stage looks tossed together from old set pieces and the lighting is adequate. Garrett’s party dress is a knock out! NOTE: There is smoking on stage that permeates the house if that’s an issue.


 THE POINT: While the soloists are smashing, the rest of the show is sometimes confusing and sometimes wild.


Firehouse Theatre Project website



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