This World We Know (review)

This World We Know (review)
This World We Know (review)
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THE PLAY: This is a world premiere of a play by Kelly Younger. It’s a dialogue between a brother and sister that takes place in the 70s and 35 years later with different actors playing each period. In each time, a life event causes them to reflect on their relationship with each other and their abusive parents.


THE PRODUCTION: This short show feels more like an actor’s exercise than a real play. The quartet on stage is experiencing intense emotions, but it doesn’t translate to the same dramatic effect for the audience. Lots of trauma and conflict, but much of it’s repetitive and slow to develop. It doesn’t help that director Kerrigan Sullivan has let the pacing stay at the same pitch, added unnecessarily long moments between scenes and allowed the duo that’s not speaking to wander aimlessly about the stage, agonizing in character. Edwin Slipek’s set works well.


THE POINT: An indulgent actor’s exercise that’s more rewarding for the actors than the audience.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


At Firehouse Theatre thru 3/7



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