Wrong Chopped (review)

Wrong Chopped (review)
Wrong Chopped (review)
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THE PLAY: What starts as a twisted spoof on the cable cooking show deteriorates into dada.


THE PRODUCTION: Starting with Levi Meerovich’s unorthodox “overture,” this world premiere takes a deep dive into Theatre of the Absurd…and then some. The enthusiastic cast is committed to the strange direction that this silly narrative takes them, with Chandler Matkins creating an amusingly glum fatalist and Dante Piro, who’s simply quirky AF. There’s also live and pre-taped video that even ends up in the audience, most of which was primed for the wackiness. As one character states, “This is a bad play.” The intentional sloppiness and willful weirdness feels somewhat like the last, often unexplainably bizarre sketch on SNL. It’s not traditional theatre in so many ways, but people ready for an irreverent and irrational experiment might find themselves challenged or entertained. Running time: 1:25


THE POINT: This crazy mess thwarts traditional theatre and doesn’t succeed by traditional standards, but it does subvert convention in abnormal and sometimes interesting ways (which is their objective).


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


At Firehouse Theatre thru 6/8




Tara Makala, Payton Slaughter, Tyler Stevens, Doug Blackburn, Chandler Matkins, Dante Piro, Chelsea Matkins, John Mincks, Abbey Kincheloe (Photos by Bill Sigafoos)


  1. Really could’ve used an intermission. People getting sober in there.

    • Lindsay and I came together and I agree completely. Luckily we both came with our very own secret stashes. But I felt bad for all of the less sober and famous people in the audience.

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