Yesterday (review)

Yesterday (review)
Yesterday (review)
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After a short worldwide blackout, a lone singer/songwriter (Himesh Patel) realizes that the world doesn’t remember the Beatles. As a result, he starts recording and performing their songs, resulting in universal acclaim. To add a romantic twist, his relationship with his manager (Lily James) is tested. There are amusing moments throughout, but Kate McKinnon, as his ruthlessly frank agent, manages most of the funny moments. Fans of the Fab Four will enjoy the hit parade of classics, reinterpreted thru new eyes…or voices (Patel’s singing is excellent). The late twist provides a wistful encounter, but I couldn’t fathom the logic behind it. There are plenty of sweet moments and sufficient humor to wrap up a package of nostalgia, romance and great music.


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


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