Young man’s got the blues

Young man’s got the blues
Young man’s got the blues
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Tyler Foxwell picked up his dad’s acoustic guitar about eight years ago. He was 12. It didn’t take him long to decide he wanted to go electric – to be able to press a button and, as he says, “go into overdrive.” And to play the blues.


You have to wonder how a white kid who grew up in a normal suburban home with a supportive family found the blues. Tyler says it was the blues that spoke to him and got him into playing the guitar, “I heard Stevie Ray Vaughan and that led me to Clapton and I started listening to what they’d been listening to – Robert Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy and other early acoustic blues players. It really captivated me.” While his sets also include numbers from Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top and Pink Floyd he considers it all the blues, “the root of all rock really.”


Two years down the road found Tyler at Capitol Ale House’s Sunday open mic sessions. To say his playing – especially for being so young – impressed a lot of folks would be an understatement. He was a natural and became a favorite there with support and guidance from guitar master Will McIntyre. He began playing around town and made connections with other musicians like Don Lee who now sings and plays keyboard and bass in the Tyler Foxwell Band. Most importantly, playing music gave Tyler a voice through his guitar, a way to speak without using words.




Tyler Foxwell


Don Lee

Tyler just completed his second year at the Berklee College of Music, where he’s studying music production, engineering and the business aspects of music (important if he wants to be successful). Learning the theory behind the music he plays has helped him learn to translate what he hears in his head without having to use an instrument, “I can say it through words to other musicians – it’s a very cool thing.” It’s also pushed him into vocal training, which he hadn’t pursued before. His vocals have become a strong component of his shows, expanding his connection to the roots of blues. His natural ability enhanced by the Berklee experience will hopefully lead to Tyler discovering his own unique style.


Before he returns to Burklee in September he’ll be playing in local bars – ironic since he’s still not old enough to drink. A great chance to catch Tyler and his band will be when he returns to Capitol Ale House on 7/11for their regular Friday Blues and Brew show. You can also find him on a regular basis at O’Banks in Ashland, Creekside Grill in Powhatan and Daddio’s in the west end.




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  1. Bill…….Thanks, captures Tyler completely..Hope to see you and Susan @Capital Ale…….

  2. I have had the pleasure of jamming with Tyler a few times. His folks are great people; the peach didn’t fall too far from the tree. See him on a local level while you can; this young man is going places.

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