4000 Miles (review)

4000 Miles (review)
4000 Miles (review)
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THE PLAY: After bicycling cross country, a young man drops in on his aging grandmother in her New York apartment.


THE PRODUCTION: This script and production revolve around the grandmother, played with crusty delight by Irene Ziegler. She inhabits this character with such stunning skill and deep detail that you could enjoy her for hours. As her grandson, Johnny Day handles the role with acceptable ability, but could have been more of the free spirit his character suggests. The 2 supporting girlfriends (Kaelie Madison Ukrop and Anne Michelle Forbes) brought energy and personality to their scenes. Director Gary Hopper’s skill at letting small moments play out adds quiet power. He has expertly guided the production. Rich Mason has designed a wonderfully realistic Manhattan apartment, Michael Jarett’s lights are effective and Elizabeth Weiss Hopper has created some appropriately dowdy, yet still attractive clothes for Ziegler. My only complaint is that the play (like so many contemporary “one-acts”) is somewhat light on substance.


THE POINT: This is a solid production and Irene Ziegler’s virtuoso creation is a season standout.


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


A production of Cadence Theatre in partnership with Virginia Rep at the Theatre Gym thru 5/21



Kaelie Madison Ukrop and Johnny Day (Photos by Jason Collins)

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