American Honey (review)

American Honey (review)
American Honey (review)
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You may have had young people come to your door selling magazines. This film follows a group of them as they travel around the country in a van, listening to hip hop, shooting the shit, drinking and smoking. Their free-spirit attitude is captured with compelling charisma by this group of mostly “street cast” youth. Sasha Lane (also a non-actor) plays a young woman who runs away from her extremely dysfunctional family to join them. Her journey is not much about the magazines; more about her own stubborn, spunky attitude and the relationship she establishes with the lead seller (Shai LeBeouf). While this film rambles (2.5 hours), there’s an undeniably captivating allure to the cast and a winningly free-spirited approach in the filmmaking. (Criterion Cinemas only and tonite is the final show.)


3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


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