Artsies recap (4 videos)

Artsies recap (4 videos)
Artsies recap (4 videos)
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The Richmond Theatre Critics Circle presented the Artsies on 10/17 at Virginia Rep’s November Theatre (click here for a list of the awards). The theme was “Our Theatre & Our Community), which focused on ways that local theatres get involved with the community.


The show was high-spirited and fun with the typically over-enthusiastic audience. This year’s host was Desiree Roots, last year’s recepient of Best Actress in a Musical for “Caroline, or Change” and nominee this year for “Dreamgirls”. Click here to read the lyrics she wrote for her songs.


There was one surprise award this year: Dave Timberline, reviewer for Style Weekly and the driving force behind the Richmond Theatre Critics Circle and Event Chair of the Artsies since its inception). He was awarded “Best Event Chair.”


The after-party at was Graffiato (where the pre-reception was also held).


Here’s my recap video (Click on the + to watch):


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Three videos were shown during the event (all produced by TVJerry). Click below to watch them without the noisy audience.


Our Theatre & Our Community: Giving Back


Watch Video


The Richmond Theatre Artist Fund


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In Memoriam

(This video was accompanied by “Live On,” an original song written and performed by Sage Timberline).


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  1. Thank you so much for these videos! I was unable to attend so I did not see or hear my son David and grand daughter Sage perform – because of your video I can!!! I am also so proud of the work David has done all these years to promote Richmond Theater – It richly deserves all the praise and attention it can get…so much talent here …as much as I have seen in any other theater including New York! I thank the group for giving David the award he surely did not expect but certainly earned! That is a mother speaking!

  2. Richmond deserves better theatre critics

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