That Awkward Moment (Review)

That Awkward Moment (Review)
That Awkward Moment (Review)
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Three friends (Zac Efron, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan) decide to stay single. They spend the rest of this movie in attempts at witty repartee (sometimes successful, but more often not). This is really a romantic vehicle for Zac Efron (he even gets teary), but the story is too trite to be believed. Meanwhile, Miles Teller is the star (he’s an up-and-coming talent). He has charisma and offhand comic style is winning. Michael B. Jordan (also a promising newcomer) has some light moments, but has to handle the dramatic duties. It’s all about relationships, so this is def a chick flick, but it revolves around guys, so there’s lots of cussing and lowbrow humor. Even though it’s well-paced, the dumb plot and unoriginal writing make it mediocre.


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