Beautiful Creatures (review)

Beautiful Creatures (review)
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beautiiful creaturesIt’s opposite day in teen romance world: Instead of vampires, it’s witches (or Casters, as they call them). Instead of Portland, the deep South. Instead of a mortal girl, it’s a boy, He (Alden Ehrenreich) isn’t a pretty boy, but has charm and personality. She (Alice Englert) isn’t typical pretty either, but can act OK. Much of the screen time is spent with the two of them talking. Not much real drama is generated. There are some decent special effect sequences, but nothing dazzling. The supporting stars (Jeremy Irons, Emma Thompson, Viola Davis) add most of the movie’s character. It’s never outright bad and may appeal to young fans of the novel, but if you’re looking for a mismatched romance see “Warm Bodies” instead.

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