The Boy in the Bathroom (review)

The Boy in the Bathroom (review)
The Boy in the Bathroom (review)
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THE PLAY: David has OCD and has sequestered himself in the bathroom for more than a year. When his patiently-enabling mother breaks her hip, a young woman shows up to forge a relationship.


THE PRODUCTION: The scenario is simple, so it’s really a matter of caring for the characters. This trio captures our emotions by creating compelling characters. Denver Crawford is effectively conflicted, but could have pushed the neurosis highlights a bit more. Rebecca Turner has a natural charm that warmly breaks thru the crazy. Catherine Shaffner is quietly humorous, while crafting a beautifully-nuanced and powerfully-heartrending performance. Director Adam B. Ferguson has staged the show with skill and sensitivity. It’s the best use of projections I’ve seen on a Richmond stage. The attractive, open set by Tennessee Dixon and lovely lighting by Robby Williams add to the show’s dramatic beauty. The Sondheim-influenced, stacatto songs have generic melodies, but Starlet Knight’s piano accompaniment adds a solid base.


THE POINT: Even though the music is unimpressive, the effective staging and tender interactions make for an emotionally captivating and genuinely affecting experience.


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


At Firehouse Theatre thru 9/4


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Rebecca Turner and Denver Crawford

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