Cake (review)

Cake (review)
Cake (review)
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Jennifer Aniston forgoes good hair and makeup as a woman suffering from chronic physical pain and mental anguish. She slogs thru her life in a pain-killer-induced stupor. Even with sympathy for the character’s plight, Aniston’s one-note performance doesn’t mine any depth or empathy. Not surprisingly, she does best with the few funny lines. It’s not all her fault: director Daniel Barnz lets the character’s haze dominate the pace. The plot is “painfully” predictable, including the tragic loss of a child and inevitable tortured companion (Sam Worthington) who helps turn her life around. This character study may find advocates in people who have experienced her plight, but it doesn’t reach it’s dramatic potential.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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