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The Boards of Directors of CAT Theatre and the Northern Henrico Civic Association just announced that CAT Theatre will continue its current theater series in its longstanding home on N. Wilkinson Rd.


Last month, it was announced that CAT would end its 54-year run, because of the inability of the 2 parties to come to a suitable rental agreement. “When we announced CAT’s closing, we were immediately overwhelmed by a strong show of community support,” explained Kelly St. Clair, President of the CAT Board.


Virginia Rep’s leadership met with both boards and helped them find a way to work it out.  “To finance the funding gap between the two leases,” explained Nathaniel Shaw, Artistic Director, “Virginia Rep will be offering spring break and/or summer camp experiences at the NHCA facility.”


In the coming months, Phil Whiteway and Bruce Miller, Founding Producers of Virginia Rep, will provide a theater management consultancy with the CAT Theatre board to help board members develop short and long term financial strategies designed to ensure CAT’s sustainability. “Virginia Rep is NOT taking over CAT,” stressed Jeff Gallagher, Chairman of Virginia Rep’s Board. “Our staff leadership has decades of experience running theater operations in Richmond and beyond. They were able to offer a creative solution to help our friends at CAT stay the course and return to sustainability.”


Boeing, Boeing, the first production in CAT Theatre’s 2018-19 five-show season, opens tonight and I’m sure it will be a joyous evening. For more information visit the CAT website.

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