Chappie (review)

Chappie (review)
Chappie (review)
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What’s advertised as an action film is actually a somewhat soppy sentimental story. Future Johannesburg is patrolled by a force of mechanized police that have restored order to the crime-ridden streets. A trio of criminals ends up with a rogue robot that’s been programmed with consciousness, giving it a child’s innocent mindset. Instead of cool fights, there’s lots of rash dialogue, hurried activity and numerous efforts to create an endearing creature out of Chappie. The South African duo Die Antwoord, who have major roles, are raw and unusual looking, but not especially strong as actors. There are fallacies in the logic that border on ridiculous and only one good final battle (with yet another machine). Still, director Neill Blomkamp manages to keep it interesting and the creation of the robot itself is pretty compelling.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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