A 1940s Radio Christmas Carol (review)

A 1940s Radio Christmas Carol (review)
A 1940s Radio Christmas Carol (review)
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THE PLAY: We’re taken “behind the mics,” as a group of actors puts on a radio play of the Dickens classic in 1943 Newark.


THE PRODUCTION: This show introduces the characters with rather flat exposition, but things liven up when the radio show starts. The rambling first act is entertaining, while never being especially funny (blame the script for much of this). Act 2 takes up the slack with more wacky bits and overall energy. The cast is uniformly entertaining, with boffo voices and comical characters (Tara Callahan Carroll & Claire Gates are standouts). Some of the most fun is watching Gordon Graham and Gates create the sound effects. Director Tom Width keeps the energy flowing and allows the cast to enjoy themselves. Maura Lynch Cravey’s costumes are period appropriate and Joe Doran’s lights add some moody moments to an otherwise practical studio set. After the show ends in a sweet holiday mood, the play continues to flounder to find a finish, which diminishes the finale’s impact.  Running time: 2:20


THE POINT: The script isn’t as clever as the premise promises, but the entertaining cast “airs” lots of comic charm.


3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


At Swift Creek Mill Theatre thru 1/5.




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