Christmas on the Rocks (review)

Christmas on the Rocks (review)
Christmas on the Rocks (review)
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THE PLAY: 8 iconic Christmas characters wander into a bar on Christmas Eve. In what’s essentially monologues, they update their lives since their glory days.


THE PRODUCTION: This is a clever concept that’s doesn’t always deliver on its comic potential. Most of the humor relies on cynical in-jokes, so if you haven’t seen the show that’s referenced, you may miss the point. Luckily, the duo playing the characters has created distinctive and delightful individuals. David Clark displays range and skill in his sweet creations. Kimberly Jones Clark shows off her crisp comic style, as she goes from funny to the show-stopping hilarious highlightski (see it to get the reference). Director Dexter Ramey keeps the pacing crisp and adds physical bits for extra punch. David Allan Ballas has designed a wonderfully appropriate bar, but Andrew Bonniwell’s abrupt light adjustments are more sudden than supportive. The random sound effects by Joey Luck sometimes seem misplaced. D. Mark Souza & Joel Futrick have created fabulous spot-on looks.


THE POINT: The actors are better than the play with 8 brilliantly-realized and delightful comic characters.


3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


At Richmond Triangle Players thru 12/19




XmasRocks big

Jay (. Millman & Kimberly Jones Clark (Photo by John MacLellan)


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