Civil War Casting

Civil War Casting
Civil War Casting
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Firehouse Theatre has announced the casting for “A Civil War Christmas: An American Musical Celebration” which runs 1120-12/20. Director Dr. Tawnya Pettiford-Wates has cast the following actors:


Reid/George’s Ghost/Bowen: Jay Banks

Jessa/Jim W./Lil’ Joe/Mule: Debora Crabbe

Willy Mack/Walker Lewis/Wormley/J. Suratt: Keydron Dunn

Mary Todd/Secretary of War/Widow Saunders: Grey Garrett

Lincoln/Whitman/Silver: Christopher Hartman

Elizabeth Keckley/Mrs. Thomas: Kyma Lassiter

Wilkes Booth/Robert E. Lee/Sherman/M. Surratt/Lieutenant/Chester Manton Saunders: Jesse Mattes

Bronson/Eli Parker/Frederick W./Levy/Weichmann/Brown: Jeremy Morris

Wordsworth/Grant/Payne/Lamon/Old Horse: Craig Smith

Raz/A. Surrat/Nicolay/Clara Burton: Rebecca Turner

Hannah/Rose/Aggy/Matron: Raven Wilkes

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