Clybourne Park (Review)

Clybourne Park (Review)
Clybourne Park (Review)
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THE PLAY: The first act takes place in the 50s, when a white couple  is moving out of their house and the neighborhood’s first black family is moving in. Act Two is 50 years later, when a white couple is having a “discussion” with members of the community about their plans to make drastic changes to that same house. The narrative is framed around the events in “A Raisin in the Sun,” but it’s not necessary to know that to appreciate this show’s spirited and often hilarious discussion about race and prejudice.


THE PRODUCTION: These actors get the joy of playing different characters in each act and this cast rises to the challenge with spectacular skill. This delightful group embodies ensemble perfection. Worth highlighting: Katie McCall’s mousy housewife and David Bridgewater’s troubled husband in Act One and the Act Two interplay between McLean Jesse’s neurotic wife and impressive newcomer Andrew Firda. Director Keri Wormald has masterfully orchestrated the overlapping dialogue and dynamic pacing to maximize the show’s potential (not to mention the pitch-perfect stylized approach to the ’50s). The technical elements provide solid support.


THE POINT: In a season crammed with strong shows, don’t miss this exemplary production. It’s both provocative and hilarious.






Produced by Cadence Theatre Company in partnership with Virginia Rep at Theatre Gym thru 3/15



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