Comedies, thrillers & musicals

Comedies, thrillers & musicals
Comedies, thrillers & musicals
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Swift Creek Mill Theatre has announced their 2016/17 season:


Almost, Maine (9/15 – 10/22)

A comedy set in the remote mythical town of the title, where strange things happen.


A Tuna Christmas (11/10 – 1/7/17)

The sequel to “Greater Tuna” with 2 actors playing all the townsfolk.


Deathtrap (1/19 – 2/25)

This thriller from 1978 play revolves around a Broadway playwright who finds a student’s script that he might make his own.


Something’s Afoot, (3/9 – 5/6)

A musical spoof on the Agatha Christy whodunit.


Cash on Delivery (5/18 – 6/24)

This farce revolves around what happens when investigators from the British welfare system visit a con artist to his non-existent dependents.


The Musical of Musicals, the Musical (7/13 – 8/19)
A musical satire about musicals that spoofs 5 different musical styles from Rodgers & Hammerstein to Stephen Sondheim.


Click here for details about the season and tickets.

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