Curfew at Bow-Tie

Curfew at Bow-Tie
Curfew at Bow-Tie
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The City of Richmond’s curfew prohibits youth under 18 on the streets between 11pm and 5am, unless accompanied by an adult (there are some common-sense exceptions). The Richmond Code of Ordinances states that the purpose of its curfew is to reduce the amount of juvenile crime and promote parental control over their teens.


In an effort to make the movie going experience better for its adult patrons, Bow-Tie Cinemas has issued a new policy for their Movieland and Criterion Cinemas in the City.


No one under 18 may buy tickets for a show starting after 9pm.


This assumes those movies will end after curfew, thus breaking the law. The restriction includes children under 18, even if accompanied by a parent/guardian. To help enforce the curfew, children are not allowed to loiter around the theater after their movie. Parents are expected to pick them up within 15 minutes after the show.


  1. That is stupid, that made me mad😒😒

    • They actually cancelled this policy a week later, so don’t be mad!

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