Dan Ruth returns

Dan Ruth returns
Dan Ruth returns
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Dan Ruth was a favorite RVA actor (and TheatreVCU grad) before he headed for NYC in the 90s. He’s coming back to town in “A Life Behind Bars,” which he wrote and will perform as the third show in TheatreLAB’s Cellar Series.  


The show is a dark comic work of monologues and stories based on his 20+ years as a New York City actor-turned-bartender.  It sheds comedic light on the darker side of the world of the bar, club and restaurant industry. A rapidly-changing New York City gives way to Yelp, rigged health inspections and a place where selfie-sticks, man-buns and beard bars threaten to bulldoze any remnant of New York’s fabulous griminess, authenticity and humanity.  The show is an unapologetic look at what can happen when you reach for the stars but grab for the bottle instead.


It’s being produced in association with The Women’s Mercury and directed by Tanya Moberly.  Dates are 5/19 –  27 at The Basement. Tickets go on sale 4/18.




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