Darkest Hour (review)

Darkest Hour (review)
Darkest Hour (review)
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A film that’s mostly people sitting in rooms talking relies on good writing and strong performances to make it effective. Luckily, this film has both. Sure, Gary Oldman nails the look and style of Winston Churchill, but he goes beyond that to create a character with complex presence and emotional depth. If you saw DUNKIRK, then you know about the massive effort to evacuate the British army from the coastal town in France, while the Nazis are threatening their destruction. This film takes place behind the scenes in London, when Churchill strives to save the troops, while planning to lead Britain into the war….all despite massive political opposition. Oldman is in almost every scene and his charisma (both as the Prime Minister and as an actor) carries the weight with award-worthy skill. He brings this challenging situation to life and makes the circumstances much more enthralling than you might expect. (Criterion Cinemas only)


4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


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  1. I agree! I’m mystified at why it’s in the smaller Criterian, but loved the intimacy. I was glad we had gotten tickets in advance.

  2. Totally agree with your assessment. Hopefully Gary will win the Oscar to complete this year’s trifecta. I think Mr. Oldman has out-chameleon-ed himself!!

  3. I totally agree with your assessment. I hope Gary wins the Oscar to complete his 2017 trifecta! Mr. Oldman has out chameleon-ed himself!

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