The Dead Don’t Die (review)

The Dead Don’t Die (review)
The Dead Don’t Die (review)
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When it was advertised that treasured indie filmmaker Jim Jarmusch was jumping on the zombie bandwagon, hopes were high. Sadly, they were dashed after about 30 minutes. Bill Murray and Adam Driver star as 2 cops dealing with the undead outbreak in their small town. There’s plenty of the deadpan style that Jarmusch is famous for, but it happens too often without comic effect (and often repeats the same jokes making them even less funny). The gory stuff happens off camera (so there goes any opportunity for hilarious over-the-top violence) and the killing scenes aren’t especially inventive (although the smoke residue is a nice concept). I kept wanting to like this film, but as it dragged on, it became less amusing and more tedious. (Criterion Cinemas only)


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