Death and the Maiden (Review)

Death and the Maiden (Review)
Death and the Maiden (Review)
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THE PLAY: When a visitor drops by a couple’s home, the wife violently accuses him of being her torturer 15 years earlier. Her husband struggles to control her outrage, while dealing with the fissure in their relationship. This play assumes you know about Pinochet’s brutal takeover of Chile and the subsequent trials.


THE PRODUCTION: When there are only 3 people in a cast, it’s vital that there isn’t a weak link. This group works together well with David Clark and Christopher Dunn sustaining effective performances. However, Katrinah Carol Lewis falters in the pivotal role. Her mannerisms and exaggerated emotions undermine the emotional power of the play and her performance. Some of the blame has to go to director Gary C. Hopper, who might have pulled the reins back a bit. Otherwise, his staging is solid. Tennessee Dixon’s attractive set and BJ Wilkinson’s dramatic lighting add to the show’s artistry.


THE POINT: The potential dramatic power of this play isn’t fully realized.


Presented by Henley Street Theatre at the Gottwald Playhouse thru 3/1

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