Detroit (Review)

Detroit (Review)
Detroit (Review)
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THE PLAY: Two next door couples get to know each other over a series of backyard cookouts. One couple is coping with economic and personal challenges, while the new neighbors are recovering from addictions.


THE PRODUCTION: The first act creates delightful characters and enjoyable situations that set up expectations for Act 2. The outcome is surprising, but ultimately ungratifying. Luckily, this ensemble is stellar throughout. All 4 (Laine Satterfield, Chris Lindsay-Abaire, Landon Nagel, Larry Cook) inhabit their characters with an ease that showcases accomplished comic refinement, as well as flashes of fragility and undeniable humanity. Anna Johnson’s directorial hand is assured without needing to show off. She creates a structure for the actors to shine. The technical aspects are all solid.


THE POINT: This stellar ensemble shines in this entertaining production.


4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


Thru May 24 at Cadence Theatre.



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