Dirtwoman Toast

Dirtwoman Toast
Dirtwoman Toast
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Dirtwoman (aka Donnie Corker) has been one of RVA’s most unique characters for many years.


– run for mayor

– posed for his best-selling calendar

– mud wrestled Dave Brockie

– played Mrs Santa at the annual Hamaganza.

Donnie is 65 now and battling a number of physical challenges.


TVJerry, Inc and Sound of Music are hosting this TOAST to celebrate Donnie’s inimitable contributions to the unique personality our city (several performers will also pay their respects):

Sunday, May 21

7 – 10pm

Sound of Music’s studios (1710 Altamont Avenue in Scott’s Addition)

$10 admission (some of which will go to Donnie)


Jerry Williams (a long-time local video producer also known as TVJerry and host of SIFTER) started his documentary on Dirtwoman 15 years ago. He got sidetracked making a living, but Donnie’s recent health issues have sparked him to crank up it up again.


The TOAST is being held to compile stories from Donnie’s fans for the documentary. Everyone who attends will be invited to spend a few minutes on stage with Donnie to pay tribute and share their favorite memories. There will also be a special “private” studio for people who would prefer not to go on stage. People are encouraged to bring any pertinent photos or other memorabilia.


To have an idea of timing, Williams requests that people who want to speak, Send an email. Anyone who just wants to come and enjoy the evening is also welcome.


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  1. I’ll be there, probably with a guest.
    If the schedule is loose, I’ve got a Donnie story or two to tell — but if you’ve got plenty of speakers, you won’t need me.
    Pay at the door?
    — Roy B. Scherer
    — (804) 382-5411

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