Doctor Sleep (review)

Doctor Sleep (review)
Doctor Sleep (review)
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It’s not necessary to know much backstory from Stephen King’s THE SHINING, but it helps to know the basics for this sequel. Ewan McGregor plays the adult version of the little boy who was scarred by the events in the original movie. He’s still coping with the ghosts (literally) from that time, when a teenager appears who also has extrasensory powers. They embark on a search to stop a truly merciless group who prey on the pain of children (the most brutal scene in the film). This story takes 2.5 hours to unfold and doesn’t even get to the fateful hotel until the final 30 minutes. Through it all, there’s a sense of dread, accompanied with some cool visual effects and ominous sound design. The pace never quickens and there aren’t any big scares, but the compelling story and Mike Flanagan’s engrossing direction create a continual level of tension.


3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


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