Dolittle (review)

Dolittle (review)
Dolittle (review)
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This reiteration of the doctor who can talk to animals stars Robert Downey Jr., using a weirdly soft voice that sounds like he dubbed the dialogue in the studio. Considering his star power, he’s the least interesting thing in the movie. His character sets out on an adventure with a young apprentice and a menagerie of personable animals to acquire a special cure for the Queen of England. What children will enjoy most (and yes, this is a film for kids) is the animals. A stellar lineup of actors are voicing them, often with enjoyable personalities. It’s a bit sad that the writers felt necessary to cater to today’s style, by dropping modern cultural references and even contemporary slang. Still, the creature comments provide the only fun in this ungainly escapade.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


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