Falsettos (review)

Falsettos (review)
Falsettos (review)
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THE PLAY: A gay man copes with the changing dynamics of the relationships with his lover, his ex-wife, his son and more.


THE PRODUCTION: From the assured energy of the opening number, it’s clear that this cast is talented and tightly worked. Even though the play itself sometimes feels overwrought, this ensemble brings considerable skills to the stage. In the pivotal role, Matt Shofner expresses a quiet intensity that echoes his character’s constant conflicts. As his son, Rowan Sharma holds his own with the adult cast members, while Rachel Marrs’ small roles provide the show’s most enjoyable comic moments. The musical highlights include Casey Payne’s hilarious “I’m Breaking Down” and Durron Marquis Tyre’s powerful “The Games I Play.” It’s fortunate that Debra Clinton assumed both directing and choreography, because the interaction of precise movement, lively staging and emotional connections give this production its strength. Since the entire show is sung (with often intricate lyrics), Jonathan Sparks’ sound design makes it easier to follow. Although the set provides a blank space for the action, the motivation behind Kevin Johnson’s design isn’t clear. Michael Jarett’s lighting helps visually elevate this bland room. While Shelia Russ costumes in Act One are quietly period, she has lots of fun with the 80s looks in Act Two. Running time: 2:40


THE POINT: The play itself is a challenge both in its length and subject, but the marvelous cast and the robust direction accentuate the show’s strengths.


4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


At Richmond Triangle Players thru 10/5




(clockwise from upper left) Matt Shofner, Rowan Sharma, Casey Payne, Durron Marquis Tyre and Dan Cimo

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