From Skulls to Space (Video 2:25)

From Skulls to Space (Video 2:25)
From Skulls to Space (Video 2:25)
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When it comes to artistic exploration, there’s not much local artist/activist Noah Scalin hasn’t done. He’s president of his own socially conscious design firm, Another Limited Rebellion (ALR). He’s written four books including “SKULLS,” which landed him a gig on “The Martha Stewart Show.” He’s created an award-winning blog with an international following. And he travels the world talking about creativity and working from an ethical perspective.


How he found time for yet another creative pursuit while the rest of us were watching “The Bachelor” is anybody’s guess but, yeah, he did. In a nod to the storybook records he loved as a kid, he’s created his own action-packed comic book/vinyl record combo. The set stars a band of superheroes – the League of Space Pirates – doing good on the intergalactic front while fighting the evil Übercorp.



Noah Scalin (Captain Orlok), Abby Davis (Chroma), Michael “Mikemetic” Williams (MUNGO), Alasdair Denvil (Raith Pittas A.K.A. Parrot), Bruce McCraw (Rusty Shields)

Scalin wrote the lyrics to the two songs – “She’s a Star” and “Elegant Universe” – that appear on the 45-rpm record. Then he reached out to three local artists to create a comic book version of the songs using the lyrics as dialogue.


James Callahan is one of the artists. “I’ve been a fan of his work for a while,” says Scalin. “It was a real honor that he jumped on the opportunity and provided such a stellar cover for the record.” Matt Deans is another. “I’ve worked with him on a variety of freelance projects and I just knew he’d do a great full-length comic story given the opportunity. I wasn’t wrong.” The third is Meg Gandy. “She’s one of those people whose work is so great, it blows me away she isn’t more well known. Happily I got her before the rest of the world figures it out and her rates go up!”


As you listen to the 45-rpm record, you can read along & follow lyric-for-lyric as the pirates battle Übercorp!


But the project isn’t all just fun, games, bulging muscles and flying cars. There’s social activism at work here. “There’s an opportunity with this project to talk about things that are important to me as an activist,” says Scalin. “Even if it’s subtle, I always like to encourage people to question how the world works and to think about how they could make a difference.”



Watch Video


League of Space Pirates website


Buy the new vinyl/comic book set.






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