Georgia’s lyrics

Georgia’s lyrics
Georgia’s lyrics
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IT’S ARTSIE NIGHT (sung to “All That Jazz)

by Georgia Rogers Farmer


Come on y’all

‘Cause you’re the best in town

It’s Artsie Night


I’m gonna hoist my boobs

And try to tame my frown

It’s Artsie Night


I’m so pumped

It’s gonna be so good

Because we’re gonna see

That badass Molly Hood


Up in this noisy hall

And yes, I’m sober, y’all

It’s Artsie Night


Human Terrain

Took us straight to Iraq

It’s Artsie Night


Whipping Man

A war-torn Richmond shock

It’s Artsie Night


Hold on, girl

Do I see Hedwig there

In his fierce-ass wig

Chewin’ gummy bears?

And maybe Carrie White

Will be a bloody sight

On Artsie Night


Caroline or Change

We saw that washer shake

It’s Artsie Night


South Pacific

Hot G.I.’s – for heaven’s sake

It’s Artsie Night


Lyons showed some family drama

Jackie Jones should be my mama

Equivocation’s sneer

For ol’ Shagspeare

On Artsie Night


Find a flask

I need some dancing boys

It’s Artsie Night


You have to watch me dance

‘Cause you don’t have a choice

It’s Artsie Night


Come on, boys

It’s time to celebrate

With all this talent here

It’s hard to keep things straight


‘Cause in the RVA

Dressed up and ready to play

It’s Art…..sie…..Night


Oh, I’m someone’s wife

But, oh I love stage life

And Artsie Night




RATCOCK (sung to Blondie’s “Rapture”)

by Georgia Rogers Farmer


Row to row

Sitting very close

Barely breathing

Almost comatose

Face to face

Judgey attitude

And you keep believing

Hoping that you’ll be receiving a RATCOCK


Someone in the lobby told me everybody’s high

Deejay Gray says “my, my”

The cast is fast, cast is cool

Wendy Vandergrift, she ain’t no fool

And you don’t stop, sure shot

Go out to the parking lot

And there’s Maggie Roop in a chicken coop

And you talk all night and then you see a light

And it comes with a rage and lands on the stage

And out comes a giant prize

And you try to run but they’re so much fun

And they dance around, but don’t make a sound


And then you’re with the giant prize

You go out at night, eatin’ fries

You eat bacon cheese, waffle, too

Sweet potato and curly Q

And you don’t stop, you keep on eatin’ fries


Then, when there’s no more fries

You go out at night and eat up pies and don’t give a damn

Carol & Sam, Virginia ham

Joey Luck, big sound truck

Dance Patti D’Beck

I was better in tech ‘cause the giant prize

Is through with fries, he’s eatin’ pies

Yeah, lesbian quiche, psycho beach, shorter speech

We’re gonna hear ’em all

RATCOCK, knock knock

Who is there? Why it’s Angels in Amer

Don’t strain your brain, Human Terrain

Let’s do singin’ in the rain

I said Bathroom Boy, bok choy


Well, now you see what you wanna be

Just have your party here with me

‘Cause the giant prize won’t eat up fries with Stacey Cabaj

And now it’s time to start act 2

And before you even know it, you’ll be taming the shrew

And you don’t stop, hip-hop

Just blast off, sure shot

‘Cause the giant prize stopped eatin’ fries and eatin’ pies

And now they bid their last goodbyes, get up


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