Ghostbusters (review)

Ghostbusters (review)
Ghostbusters (review)
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It’s ironic that the all-female quartet of today’s hottest comic talents was outshined by the only major male in the cast (a delightfully ditzy Chris Hemsworth). It’s also ironic that the two established stars (Melissa McCarthy & Kristen Wiig) come off as trite and tired, while the 2 newer SNL talents (Kate McKinnon & Leslie Jones) turn out the funniest moments. Some of this isn’t their fault: the script offers nothing new and seldom supplies any amusing situations or clever punch lines. The action scenes are flat and the ghost efx are a yawn. Director Paul Fieg has kept the energy up, so even when it’s dumb, it’s never dull. NOTE: There are some fun bits DURING the closing credits and one final gag AFTER them.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


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