Gravity (Review)

Gravity (Review)
Gravity (Review)
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Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are 2 astronauts who struggle for their lives when their space walk is shattered. The cast is small and the plot is simple, but this film packs a colossal wallop. The groundbreaking effects are truly spectacular (in every sense of the word). Director Alfonso Cuarón has created a dazzling cinematic masterpiece with gripping suspense that never lets up. Even with the amazing spectacle of outer space, he and Bullock create an intimate, emotional roller coaster ride. This is a filmmaking at its best. Don’t miss it!






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  1. I’ll go see it on your word!
    Last night I saw The Butler. Wonderful! Solid performances, compact history that brought the bloody civil rights movement right back, great story. Maybe you reviewed it and I missed it.

    • My review of BUTLER is right there on the FILM page.

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