Great Gatsby (Review)

Great Gatsby (Review)
Great Gatsby (Review)
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Director Baz Luhrmann creates extravagant and exceptional cinematic imagery. The first 90 minutes of this 2:23 long movie bristle with electric energy: dazzling mise en scene, dynamic pacing and gorgeous cinematography. Once the dramatic conflict grabs hold, it slams to a stop and starts to feel long. Leonardo DiCaprio gives a subdued, but nuanced performance in the title role. Tobey Maguire (Carraway) is appropriately bland and the ladies are lovely. The soundtrack, a mashup of 20s period, jazz, hip hop and R&B, is outstanding right thru the credits. This is a big, glamorous motion picture. A bit emotionally slight, but impressive to appreciate.


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  1. I hated it. Every single long minute of it.

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